We are a full service veterinary hospital with highly qualified veterinarians and support staff with cutting edge medical equipment.  Here is a summary of services we regularly provide:

  • Comprehensive Medical Exams
    • Wellness and Vaccination Programs
    • Emergency Medicine / Critical Care
    • Flea and Tick Prevention / Treatment
    • Microchip / Pet Identification
    • Heartworm Prevention / Treatment
    • Extensive In-House and External Diagnostic Laboratory Services
    • Cardiology (Heart)
    • Ophthalmology and Tonometry (Eyes)
    • Dermatology (Skin)
    • Endocrinology (Hormones)
    • Digital Radiology (X-ray)
    • Ultrasonography
    • Geriatric Care and Wellness Programs
    • Nutritional Guidance
    • Cryotherapy
    • Laser Therapy
Canine Hydrotherapy: Water is a fabulous environment in which to exercise. The principle of buoyancy combined with that of resistance make this a most unique and safe method of rehabilitation.
  • Avian / Exotic Medicine and Surgery
  • Dentistry and Digital Dental Radiology
  • Routine and Complicated Surgeries
    • From Spay/Neuter to Orthopedic Procedures
    • Extensive Pain Management and Control
    • Anesthesia and State-of-the-art Monitoring Equipment
  • Domestic and International Health Certificate (USDA accredited)
  • Rehabilitation Medicine and Hydrotherapy
    (at Franklin Ave Animal Hospital)

    • Hydrotherapy/ Underwater Treadmill
    • Manual therapies, such as joint mobilizations and massage
    • Cold laser therapy
    • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and transcutaneous electrical neuromuscular stimulation (TENS)
    • Strength and physical training
    • Customized therapeutic home exercise plan


Preventative Medicine & Wellness Exams are Very Important

Your pet may not be showing outward signs that they are sick. From a routine yearly exam, a veterinarian can provide valuable information about the health of your pet.

For example, something not obvious to the visible eye, such as an irregular heartbeat, could alert the veterinarian to diagnose your pet with hyperthyroidism. Early detection and management of this disease can avoid some serious heart and blood pressure complications in the future, thereby potentially extending your pet’s lifespan.

Disease prevention is always less costly than dealing with the treatment of a disease once your pet has developed it. For instance, if your pet develops parvovirus, the treatment frequently costs over $1,000, whereas a single parvovirus vaccine which could prevent the disease will usually cost less than $50.

We strongly recommend yearly wellness exams to ensure a long, healthy life for your pet.


Fecal Tests are Essential to the Health of You, Your Pet, and Your Family

There are many common parasites found on the streets of Brooklyn that could not only cause your pet to be sick, but can be transmitted to humans! Some of these parasites can have serious consequences. For instance, roundworm eggs can migrate into a child’s lungs and brain, and can cause blindness! We can easily diagnose these parasites, so drop off a poop sample today.


Microchipping Can Save Your Pet’s Life

1 out of 3 pets become lost in their lifetime. According to the Humane Society of the United States, only about 15% of lost dogs and 2% of lost cats ever find their way home. Almost 4 million pets are euthanized each year, including lost pets whose owners weren’t found in time. Microchips are an easy, inexpensive, pain-free way to ensure your pet doesn’t become a statistic.